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Ready for marriage? This stage of life is exciting and for all the good reasons, a stage most people wish would last till 'death do us part.' However, what's more important is that marriage means different things to different people. People marry for many reasons, the most important being family and love. Our experts decided to make you introspect a bit today before you marry. They suggest you create a checklist before you marry, as you and your significant other have a few questions before marriage.

1. Why are you marrying? Like really?

This is one of the most important question to ask before marriage. Is it because your parents want you to marry? Is it because you feel lonely? Is it because you want to have sex only with your life partner? Is it because you want a family? Is it because the clock is ticking (girls will get this reference better 😊) or is it the obvious next thing for you after your career?

One of the key things to consider before marriage is better understanding your emotions and your expectations from marriage. You want to avoid getting into a life-long commitment just because everyone does. 

2. Have you spent sufficient time with the person you want to marry?

Whether you marry for love or because your family wants you to, we're sure you want someone who's not entirely different when it comes to before marriage and after marriage. Think of it like this - No matter what big decision you take in your life. Whether it's about the academics you pursue, the degree you study for, the city you want to live in, the house you buy or the investments you make, you always put some thought behind it. You weigh the pros and cons. So, why wouldn't you want to go into similar and more details about a person you want to spend the next 40, 50 or maybe more years of your life with? 

3. Compatibility checklist before marriage

Compatibility runs way more profound than social status, looks, height, etc. There are subtle parameters like religious preferences, political leanings, food choices (especially relevant for vegetarian and vegan people), patterns around alcohol and tobacco consumption, etc. There's so much that can seem insignificant and cause severe issues later. These are essential questions to ask a fiancé before marriage to avoid unnecessary conflict later.

Are you both keen on holidays? Is either of you financially irresponsible? Do you ask questions and share honest answers about finances? What are your sexual preferences like? How do you want to plan your family? If you haven't explored these things to be discussed before marriage, then go back to question number 1. 

The idea is to avoid finding fault in people or potential partners. The idea is to understand whether you're marrying for love, is it simply for sexual attraction or is it merely in a quest for a different kind of life. The idea is to prioritize and discern your reasons behind marriage. Marrying a person who allows you to be yourself and supports you in all the thick and thins of life might create a healthy relationship.


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