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Due to the rise in population across the globe, especially in India, it can be overwhelming not to know where you belong. The job market and employment opportunities are filled with cut-neck competition. For most of us, constantly changing careers and niches isn't a viable option. While it's okay to experiment until you find your true calling, it helps to know what you're getting yourself into.

There's no reason to worry. Figuring out your skills and how to monetize them is pretty simple when done with determination. This blog features essential tips to determine what works for you and what doesn't. 

Here are five ways to find out and excel in your niche.

1. Explore your likes & passions

Since this step is the one that will determine the further steps or your future, be honest. It would help if you listed your genuine likes and dislikes instead of what's trending. Yes, choosing trending skills might help initially. But there are better ways to go forward in the long run. Some skills can be learned and some cannot. You can choose professions you aren't familiar with but should be within your capabilities' scope. 

E.g., If you know how to cook but want to be something other than a chef, instead, write books. You can choose to write unique recipe books that can be bestselling since you have experience in the niche. Similarly, developing a successful recipe book will take a lot of work if you have no connection to the culinary arts.

2. Find out the relevancy of your passions

As hard as it is to choose relevancy over passion, we all need financial security. Especially those who don't have the backing of generational wealth. It helps to have skills and passions that can be monetized well. However, this is only true for some passions/skills. This doesn't mean you give up on your skills or inner talent. It means that you figure out the best way to make your skills relevant and sellable. Come up with creative ways to ensure that you have a fixed revenue stream while also having a side stream for your passion which might have a limited but loyal following. 

E.g., If you are a good designer, get a job or business in designing. And regarding your passion for pets, you can have a separate start-up that provides designer clothes for cats & dogs. This might have limited traffic, but it will keep your passion satiated. Now you have a fixed income and a side income. When your start-up becomes successful, you can make it your primary source of revenue.

3. Choose the most relevant niche for your talent

When you have figured out your most monetizable skills, list all the niches you can choose. You can make this decision based on what's trending. In this manner, you have your favourite skill in your hand and how to make it sell in an industry that's booming. Starting your career in a popular sector helps you develop a solid and impressive resume. This lasts beyond the popularity of your industry. It will also help you when you decide to make the switch. New employers look for your contribution to your previous set-up and your role in their popularity.

E.g. the Fintech industries are booming at the moment. If you contribute as a content writer in any company related to this niche, you will develop a great profile as a content writer. When some other niche becomes popular, those companies will look for content writers who've previously worked for booming niches.

4. Explore the industry thoroughly

Explore your chosen industry thoroughly before venturing into a particular niche. Understand the market size, level of competition, target audiences, demand, supply and your dream companies within the industry. It will also help to understand the work culture in such sectors and the scope for personal and professional growth. 

For example, check out websites like LinkedIn & Glassdoor to understand employee reviews, company reviews, average salary packages and more.

5. Develop a plan to get inside that niche & excel

The last step to entering any industry and excelling in it is to understand the career journey of professionals related to the industry and your niche. Read blogs, articles and opinion pieces mentioning helpful tidbits, insights and strategies to become a definitive work professional in your niche of choice. If your niche requires specific skills or qualifications, work hard towards

E.g., connect with professionals who share the same industry, niche, or designation as you on the world's most popular professional network, i.e., LinkedIn. Ask them for feedback on your resume, referrals or recommendations, or simple tips to nail the interview in their company.

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